Title Author(s) Volume/
PERSIAN: Philistian
Silver Dome-shaped Coins from Persian-period Southern Palestine Haim Gitler, Oren Tal and Peter van Alfen 2/2007 47–62
Metallurgical Analysis of Southern Palestinian Coins of the Persian Period Haim Gitler, Matthew Ponting and Oren Tal 3/2008 13–27
More Evidence on the Collective Mint of Philistia Haim Gitler and Oren Tal 4/2009 21–38
The Ismailiya Hoard 1983 Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert and Haim Gitler 5/2010 3–12
Some Notes on the Relative Chronology of the Fifth- and Fourth-Century BCE Coinage of Philistia Haim Gitler and Oren Tal 7/2012 7–16
More Than Meets The Eye: Athenian Owls and
the Chronology of Southern Palestinian Coinages of the Persian Period
Haim Gitler and Oren Tal 9/2014 15–28
PERSIAN: Samarian
Twenty Unrecorded Samarian Coins Yigal Ronen 2/2007 29–34
Remarks on the Iconography of Samarian Coinage. Hunting in Paradeisos? Jaroslaw Bodzek 2/2007 35–46
A Note on a Samarian Coin Type Jaroslaw Bodzek 3/2008 3–12
Extreme Deterioration and Damage on Yehud Coin Dies Jean-Philippe Fontanille 3/2008 29–44
Silver Yehud Coins with Greek or Pseudo-Greek Inscriptions Jean-Philippe Fontanille and Catherine C. Lorber 3/2008 45–51
On the Chronology of the Yehud Falcon Coins Yigal Ronen 4/2009 39–46
The Earliest Coin of Judah Haim Gitler 6/2011 21–33
PERSIAN: General
Hacksilber and Cut Athenian Tetradrachm Hoard from the Environs of Samaria: Late Fourth Century BCE Haim Gitler 1/2006 5–14
Coin Denominations and Weight Standards in Fourth Century BCE Palestine Oren Tal 2/2007 17–28
Some Cypriot Gold Coins? Evangeline Markou 4/2009 9–20
Kuprlli or Kherẽi; a Problem of Attribution or a Problem of Method? Novella Vismara 5/2012 13–20
A Hoard of Alexander the Great from the Region of Syria Yehoshua Zlotnik 5/2010 31–40
Aegina in Jerusalem: A ‘Turtle’ Stater from Southern Jerusalem Yoav Farhi and Yuval Gadot 7/2012 3–6
An Unusual Aramaic Graffito on an Athenian Tetradrachm Yigal Ronen 8/2013 5–8
Some Notes on the Depictions of the Achemenid Great King on the Coins of Fourth-Century Judah, Samaria and Philistia Rebecca Sacks 8/2013 9–16
A Sixth-Century Coin from Kos found at Ketef Hinnom,
Erik Waaler 9/2014 5-14
The Last Ptolemaic Bronze Emission of Tyre Catherine C. Lorber 1/2006 15–20
The Ptolemaic Mint of Ras Ibn Hani Catherine C. Lorber 2/2007 63–76
Ptolemaic Lead Coinage in Coele Syria (103-101 BCE) Oliver D. Hoover 3/2008 81–86
A Gold Mnaieion of Ptolemaic Cyprus at Tell Kedesh: Background and Context Catherine C. Lorber 5/2010 41–58
A New Tetradrachm of Ptolemy VI Philometor from Phoenicia Catherine C. Lorber 7/2012 17–23
A Mint Imitating Ptolemaic Tetradrachms of ‘Akko-Ptolemais Catherine C. Lorber 8/2013 17–23
A Review of the Shechem Hoard Eric A. Carlen 9/2014 39–59
Numismatic Evidence of Jewish Presence in Galilee before the Hasmonean Annexation? Danny Syon 1/2006 21–24
A Seleucid Coinage of Demetrias by the Sea Oliver D. Hoover 2/2007 77–88
Some Thoughts on Mints, Monograms and Monetary Magistrates. Two Case Studies: the Mints of ‘Akko-Ptolemais and of Ascalon under the Seleucids Georges Voulgarides 3/2008 65–80
A New Hellenistic Lead Issue from the Southern Levant Oliver D. Hoover 4/2009 51–56
A New Seleucid Bronze Coin and Dura Hoard 13 Revisited Walter C. Holt and Nicholas L. Wright 5/2010 59–65
A New Coin of the Mint of Marisa Donald T. Ariel and Oliver D. Hoover 6/2011 61–77
A Hoard of Tyrian Silver from Ḥorbat ‘Aqrav, Upper Galilee Danny Syon 9/2014 29–38
Two Unrecorded Hasmonean Coins Jean-Philippe Fontanille 2/2007 89–92
The Identity of YNTN on Hasmonean Overstruck Coins and the Chronology of the Alexander Jannaeus Types David B. Hendin and Ilan Shachar 3/2008 87–94
Mint Remains from Excavations in the Citadel of Jerusalem Yaniv Schauer 5/2010 99–108
The Victory Wreath of Hyrcanus I Ido Noy 7/2012 31–42
Head Decoration Representations on Hasmonean and Herodian Coins Ido Noy 8/2013 39–53
The Small Denominations of Mattathias Antigonus: Die Classification and Interpretations Isadore Goldstein and Jean-Philippe Fontanille 8/2013 55–71
The Coins of the Itureans Daniel Herman 1/2006 51–72
A late Hellenistic Lead Coinage from Gaza Oliver D. Hoover 1/2006 25–36
Jewish Coins found in Cyprus Anne Destrooper 1/2006 37–50
The X4 Hoard (Spain): Unveiling the Presence of Greek Coinages during the Second Punic War Pere Paul Ripolles 3/2008 51–64
The Coin Finds from Horbat Mazad Moshe Fischer and Zvi Gur 3/2008 95–116
Cleopatra at Ascalon: Recent Finds from the Leon Levy Expedition Haim Gitler and Daniel M. Master 5/2010 67–98
Zeus on Dora’s Coins Rosa M. Motta 6/2011 79–92
ROMAN: Herodian
The Large Dated Coin of Herod the Great: The First Die Series Jean-Philippe Fontanille and Donald T. Ariel 1/2006 73–86
Divus of Augustus: The Influence of the Trials of  Maiestas upon Pontius Pilate’s Coins David M. Hoffeditz 1/2006 87–96
Military helmet or Dioscuri Motif on Herod the Great’s Largest Coin? David M. Jacobson 2/2007 93–102
Who Minted the Jewish War’s Coins? Uriel Rappaport 2/2007 103–116
Yet Again on the Bronze Coins Minted at Gamla Danny Syon 2/2007 117–122
A Medallion of Agrippa II David B. Hendin 4/2009 57–62
A Burning Testimony: Two Bronze Hoards from the Time of the First Jewish Revolt Gabriela Bijovsky 4/2009 73–82
The Barbarous Coins of Judea Jean-Philippe Fontanille 5/2010 109–122
Preliminary Sequencing of Herod I’s Undated Coins Based on Alloy Changes over Time David B. Hendin, Craig Lundstrom, Zachary White and Nathan W. Bower 6/2011 93–103
Herod Philip: the First Jewish Portrait Jean-Philippe Fontanille 6/2011 105–119
Wife, Sister, or Daughter? Andrew M. Burnett 6/2011 121–125
A First Jewish Revolt Prutah Overstrike Kenneth Miller 6/2011 127–132
Countermarks on Small Judean Coins Aaron J. Kogon 7/2012 93–106
Seven Burnt Coins of the Last Years of the First Jewish Revolt Jean-Philippe Fontanille 7/2012 115–125
A Critical Examination of Two Undated Prutot of the First Jewish Revolt David B. Hendin, Nathan W. Bower and Sean G. Parham 8/2013 73–87
Iudaea Recepta Gil Gambash, Haim Gitler, and Hannah M. Cotton 8/2013 89–104
New Details and Notes on Some Minimi of Caesarea Aaron J. Kogon 8/2013 105–108
Herod the Great’s Royal Monogram David M. Jacobson 9/2014 95–101
“Out of the North the Evil Shall Break Forth”: Numismatic Evidence for the Besiegers in Jerusalem during the First Jewish Revolt? Donald T. Ariel, Yuval Baruch and Irina Zilberbod 9/2014 149–161
ROMAN: Nabatean
More New Nabatean Lead Issues of Aretas IV Oliver D. Hoover 7/2012 107–114
ROMAN: Post-70 CE
A New Countermark of the Fifth Legion Stephen N. Gerson 1/2006 97–100
Anti-Jewish Policy of the Roman Empire from Vespasian until Hadrian, in the Light of Numismatic Sources – Fact or Myth? Jerzy Ciecielag 1/2006 101–110
A Bronze Test Strike from the Bar Kochba Revolt David B. Hendin 1/2006 111–116
Deities from Egypt on the Coins of the Southern Levant Laurent  Bricault 1/2006 123–136
Echoes of “Judaea Capta”: The Nature of Domitian’s Coinage of Judea and Vicinity David B. Hendin 2/2007 123–130
A Newly Discovered Bar Kokhba Small Silver Overstruck on a Judea Capta Denar Stephen N. Gerson 2/2007 131–132
A Numismatic Update on the Northwestern Border of the Territory Controlled by Bar Kokhba Rebels David Amit and Gabriela Bijovsky 2/2007 133–136
AION: A Cosmic Allegory on a Coin from Tyre Gabriela Bijovsky 2/2007 143–156
Reflection of Religious Sensitivities on Palestinian City Coinage Alla Kushnir-Stein 3/2008 125–136
Coin Finds and the Question of the Conquest of Jerusalem by Bar Kokhba Yehoshua Zlotnik 3/2008 137–146
Ships on Roman Provincial Coins in the Southern Levant: Voyages on the River Styx Zvi Uri Ma’oz 3/2008 147–162
Coins of Bar Kokhba: The Temple Water-Drawing Ceremony and the Holiday of Succot Gary M. Fine 4/2009 83–93
Coins of Tiberias with Asclepius and Hygieia and the Question of the City’s Colonial Status Alla Kushnir-Stein 4/2009 94–108
Three Small Coins (minimi) from Caesarea Maritima Shai Hendler and Lionel Holland 6/2011 133–134
A Rare Aureus of Antoninus Pius at Bethsaida Rami Arav and Carl Savage 6/2011 135–138
Who is standing Above the Lions in Ascalon? Ronit Palistrant Shaik 7/2012 127–146
Two Hoards from Khirbat Wadi Ḥamam and the Scope of the Bar Kokhba Revolt Uzi Leibner and Gabriela Bijovsky 8/2013 109–134
New Evidence for the 1889 ‘Hebron’ Hoard of Bar Kokhba Silver Edward L. Mason and Paolo Visonà 9/2014 163–172
The Coin Hoard from Caesarea Maritima and the 363 CE Earthquake Kate Raphael and Gabriela Bijovsky 9/2014 173–191
ROMAN: General
Tyrian Shekels and Half Shekels with Unpublished Dates from the ‘Isifya Hoard in the Kadman Numismatic Pavilion Cecilia Meir 3/2008 117–124
Tyrian Sheqels from the ‘Isfiya Hoard, Part One Cecilia Meir 4/2009 63–72
Military Units of Mark Antony and Lucius Verus: Numismatic Recognition of Distinction Fernando López Sánchez 5/2010 123–138
Tyrian Sheqels from the ‘Isfiya Hoard, Part Two Cecilia Meir 5/2010 143–149
Tyrian Sheqels from the ‘Isfiya Hoard, Part Three: ‘Crude Style’ Cecilia Meir 7/2012 25–30
Tyrian Sheqels from the ‘Isfiya Hoard, Part Four: Half Sheqels Cecilia Meir 8/2013 31–37
Tyrian Sheqels as Savings: A New Perspective on the
Ramat Raḥel Hoard
Tom Buijtendorp 8/2013 25–30
Tyrian Sheqels from the ʽIsfiya Hoard, Part Five:
Half Sheqels with Unclear Dates, ‘Crude Style’ Half Sheqels and Augustan Imperial Denars
Cecilia Meir 9/2014 103–107
Two Coin Hoards from Underground Complexes at Nesher-Ramla Quarry Yoav Farhi and Alexander Melamed 9/2014 109–131
A Hoard of Byzantine Solidi from the Deir ‘Aziz Synagogue Nili Ahipaz 2/2007 157–166
The Byzantine ‘Eagle’ countermark – Re-attributed from Egypt to Palestine Wolfgang Schulze 4/2009 113–120
A Mid-Fourth Century Purse Hoard from the Roman Auxiliary Fort at Yotvata Nathan T. Elkins 6/2011 139–146
The L812 Trench Deposit inside the Synagogue and the Isolated Finds of Coins in Capernaum, Israel: A Comparison of the Two Groups Ermanno A. Arslan 6/2011 147–162
From Carthage to the Holy Land: The ‘Palm Tree’ Nummus Gabriela Bijovsky 6/2011 163–173
A Byzantine Gold Hoard from Reḥob (H. Parwa) Gabriela Bijovsky 7/2012 147–158
Note on Two Types of Lead Currency from Late Roman/Early Byzantine Palestine (Fifth Century CE) Yoav Farhi 8/2013 135–141
A Byzantine Hoard of Gold Coins from Ashqelon, Barnea B–C Neighborhood Gabriela Bijovsky, Deborah Sandhaus and Ianir Milevski 9/2014 193–211
The End of Umayyad Coinage in Southern Bilad al-Sham Nikolaus Schindel 1/2006 137–150
An Exceptional Nizari Isma’ili Coinage at Baniyas Ariel Berman 2/2007 167–172
An Exotic Ayyubid Issue Issa M. Baidoun 2/2007 173–178
Islamic Coins and their Catalogues III: The Ikhshidids David J. Wasserstein 4/2009 121–134
The Copper Coins of the Mamlūk Sultan al-Malik al-Mansūr Lājīn (r. AH 696-698/1297-1299 CE) Robert Kool and Warren C. Schultz 4/2009 135–144
Amuletic Bronze Rings from the Arab-Byzantine Transitional Period Nitzan Amitai-Press and L. Alexander Wolfe 6/2011 175–186
A Fātimid Coin Die from Israel Yoav Farhi 6/2011 187–190
Countermarks on Umayyad Post-Reform Copper Coins Nikolaus Schindel 7/2012 159–166
From the Horse’s Mouth: Re-Dating the Anonymous Tvrris Davit Issue Robert  Kool 1/2006 151–156
Crusader Numismatics: How Immobilized Types are Classified, How Chronologies are Revised and Verified, and How Coins are Attributed to Their Mints D. Michael Metcalf 3/2008 175–188
An Unrecorded Bohemian Saint Christopher Penny from Montmusard, Acre Robert Kool, Borys Paszkiewicz and Edna J. Stern 8/2013 143–158
An Unknown Token of the Commune of Genoa in Thirteenth-Century ‘Akko Adolfo Eidelstein and Danny Syon 8/2013 159–163
Coins from Cliff Shelters and Hiding Complexes in Galilee and their Historical and Archaeological Significance Yinon Shivtiel and Nili Ahipaz 9/2014 133–147
The Hugo Wennagel Hoard, August 25/26, 1941 – December 7, 2003 Danny Goldman 1/2006 157–166
A Hoard from the First World War from the Area of Beer Sheva Ariel Berman 4/2009 145–158
The Inscriptions on Modern Palestinian and Israel Currency Neryahu A. Shneydor 4/2009 159–172
The Tel ‘Akko hoard of Venetian Torneselli Julian Baker 5/2010 151–159
Tokens for Shehita and Miqve from Samarkand Ruth Jacoby 5/2010 161–166
A Jewish Pseudo-Coin of Yehoshua Bin Nun, Ephrati Ira Rezak 7/2012 181–190
Islamic Coins and their Catalogues IV: Ḥandusis David J. Wasserstein 8/2013 165–173
Judean Perspectives of Ancient Mints and Minting Technology Donald T. Ariel 7/2012 43–80
Were Jewish Coins Struck on Attached Strips of Flans? Yehoshua Zlotnik 7/2012 81–92
Mamlūk Minting Techniques: The Manufacture of Dirham Flans, 1250–1412 Warren C. Schultz 8/2013 175–183
The City-Goddess on the Weight Of Ascalon Alla Kushnir-Stein 1/2006 117–122
Two Lead Weights from the Colony of Caesarea Maritima Alla Kushnir-Stein 2/2007 137–142
A Provincial Weight from after the Monetary Reform of 538 CE Bruno Callegher 3/2008 163–174
An Unusual Lead Weight of 22 grammata Lionel Holland 4/2009 109–112
Coins as Scale Weights Yigal Ronen 5/2010 139–142
Inscribed Hellenistic Weights of Palestine Alla Kushnir-Stein 6/2011 35–59
Mediaeval Islamic Copper-Alloy Money Weights from Bilād al-Shām Tony Goodwin 7/2012 167–180
The Weight Standards of the Hellenistic Levant, Part One — The Evidence of the Syrian Scale Weights Gérald Finkielsztejn 9/2014 61–94
A Group of Ottoman Dirhem Weights Lionel Holland 9/2014 213–219
The History of the Israel Numismatic Society Arie Kindler 2/2007 5–16
The Coinage of Philistia of the Fifth and Fourth Centuries BC. A Study of the Earliest Coins of Palestine, by H. Gitler and O. Tal François de Callatay
1/2006 167–169
Les villages dans l’empire byzantin, by J. Lefort, C. Morrisson and J.-P. Sodini (eds.) Gabriel Bijovsky
1/2006 169–173
The Third Side of the Coin, by Y. Meshorer Cecilia Meir
1/2006 173–175
The Coins and the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Economy of Palestine, by Jane DeRose Evans Bruno Callegher
2/2007 179–186
Coins of the Seleucid Empire from the Collection of Arthur Houghton, Part II, by Oliver Hoover Danny Syon
3/2008 189–191
Cafarnao IX. Monete dall’area urbana di Cafarnao (1968-2003), by Bruno Callegher.
Les Trésors monétaires Byzantines des Balkans et d’Asie Mineure (491-713), by Cécile Morrisson, Vladislav Popović and Vujadin Ivanišević
Gabriela Bijovsky
3/2008 192–199
Arab-Byzantine Coins. An Introduction, with a catalogue of the Dumbarton Oaks collection, by C. Foss Bruno Callegher
4/2009 173–178
Sylloge Nummorum Sasanidarum Israel, by Nikolaus Schindel Stuart D. Sears
5/2010 167–173
Coin Hoards. Vol. X. Greek Hoards, by Oliver D. Hoover, Andrew Meadows and Ute Wartenberg-Kagan (eds.) François de Callataÿ
6/2011 191–195
The Coins of Herod. A Modern Analysis and Die Classification, by Donald T. Ariel and Jean-Philippe Fontanille Achim Lichtenberger
7/2012 191–194
Handbook of Syrian Coins. Royal and Civic Issues. Fourth to First Centuries BC, by Oliver D. Hoover
Handbook of Coins of the Southern Levant. Phoenicia, Southern Koile Syria Iincluding Judaea), and Arabia. Fifth to First Centuries BC, by Oliver D. Hoover
Rachel Barkay
7/2012 195–197