Officers of the INS

President: Dr. Haim Gitler

Treasurer: Effie Schaik
Ombudsman: Yaniv Spez and Dr. Lior Sandberg

INR editor: Dr. Donald T. Ariel, Israel Antiquities Authority

Members of the national board:

Dr. Haim Gitler (president)

Dr. Yoav Farhi (secretary and chairman of the Tel Aviv branch)

Dr. Robert Kool, Israel Antiquities Authority (Jerusalem)

Yaniv Schauer (Israel Museum, Jerusalem branch)

Cecilia Meir, Head of coin department, the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv  (Tel-Aviv)

Effie Schaik (Tel-Aviv)

Yosef Weiss (Tel Aviv)

Cyril Glasman (Haifa)

Gideon Meir (Haifa)

Nitzan Amitai-Preiss (Chairman, Haifa branch)