The Spaer Fund for Numismatic Research,


The Israel Numismatic Society is pleased to offer research grants from the Spaer fund for Numismatic Research.

The grants will be made from income derived from the corpus of the Spaer Fund at a level that ensures the Fund's continuity. The society may modify the requirements and the sums offered at its discretion.

1. One annual research grant up to the sum of 4000 NIS.

2. One annual travel grant for participation in an overseas congress up to the sum of 4000 NIS.

Approval Process

The applications will be appraised by a professional committee, which will recommend the winners. The committee is under no obligation to recommend a winner in any case, even if there is a single applicant. The committee will also recommend the sum to be granted.

The committee includes the society’s scientific advisor and professional numismatists. The committee will bring its recommendations to the Society’s national board, which will choose the recipients. The board’s decision is final.


1. Research grant: The research topic must be related to Numismatics of the southern Levant. The grant will serve as either travel funds to research centers, collections and libraries or as funds to meet living costs during research and writing.

2. Travel grant to congress: Will serve to meet (full or partial) travel costs, registration and room and board to a Numismatic congress where the applicant will present a paper or a poster and which takes place outside Israel. This grant applies to Israeli citizens only.

3. Applicants must be members of the INS for at least three consecutive years, proven by payment of the annual membership dues.

4. A member who is not an Israel citizen may apply for a research grant only, provided the research itself is conducted in Israel.

5. Applications for 4000 NIS or less will be equally considered.

6. A grant recipient may reapply after three years from an initial application.


1. Research grants: Applications must arrive by June 30 each year. Travel grants: Applications will be considered twice every year: Applications arriving by June 30 and by December 31.

2. Winning or rejection letters will be sent to applicants within up to two months, i.e. by the end of August (and the end of February for travel grants).

3. The bursar of the INS will make out a cheque payable to the recipients as soon as possible. Any taxes that may apply will be deducted from the sum.

Application and required documents

1. Applications will be on the provided form and are to be sent to the fund coordinator either by email to or by ordinary mail to:

Dr. Danny Syon, P.O.Box 55, Rakefet 20175, Israel

doc format (for emailing)      pdf format for mail

2. The applicants are required to provide the following documentation:

For the research granta. Research proposal, including the intended place of publication. b. A recommendation by a specialist, who is not a member of the INS national board. c. If traveling, an invitation or confirmation from the host institution. d. declaration of any other funding for the same research, including sums to be received and estimated total cost.

For the travel granta. Formal invitation/confirmation from the organizing committee. b. An abstract of the paper to be presented. c. declaration of any other funding for the same research, including sums to be received and estimated total cost.

Obligations of the recipients are to:

1. Credit the "Spaer Fund for Research of the INS" in the writings or presentation supported by the gifts from the Fund..

2. Provide receipts supporting expenditures representing the full amount received (for travel grants).

3. Present a talk on the research in each of the society’s three branches.

4. Offer a paper on the research to the society’s journal INR for its consideration for possible publication. In cases where the applicant is under obligation to publish elsewhere (e.g. conference proceedings) the INS will consider foregoing this requirement.