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About Israel Numismatic Research

The first numismatic journal published in Israel was sponsored by the Israel Medals and Coins Society, which published a Bulletin (Yediot Numismatiot Be-Yisrael, ידיעות נומיסמטיות בישראל) in Hebrew in February-March 1962. The editor was the energetic Leo Kadman, then president of the Israel Numismatic Society. Kadman produced four fascicles of the Bulletin. Upon Kadman’s untimely death on December 27, 1963, the Bulletin faltered, and its last fascicle was published in November 1964.
The Israel Numismatic Society (founded 1945) first published its Israel Numismatic Journal as a quarterly, in April 1963. Its first editorial board was headed by Michael Avi-Yonah. This Journal appeared for three years. After a hiatus of fifteen years, the Israel Numismatic Journal reappeared, in 1980, ostensibly as an annual. All edited by Prof. Dan Barag, this and nine subsequent volumes of the INJ have appeared since then.
During the hiatus, the Israel Numismatic Society published an internal quarterly in Hebrew, entitled Alon (עלון) and edited by Arie Kindler, which produced five numbers, between 1966 and 1974.
Research of the ancient, medieval and modern coinage of this region has become increasingly relevant to multi-disciplinary studies in fields such as archaeology, history and iconography. In inaugurating Israel Numismatic Research the INS national board wishes to stress the importance of having a high level numismatic journal which appears regularly, at the end of each calendar year. The ability to publish a true annual reflects the advances in the field of numismatics in Israel over the past decade. The title of the journal signals the Society’s wish to encourage comprehensive and innovative research in the field.
The focus of Israel Numismatic Research is on coinages circulating in the southern Levant, from antiquity through to the modern era. Articles on medals, tokens, metrology, sealings and minor arts related to numismatics will also be considered for inclusion, as will book reviews.
The Israel Numismatic Society is indebted to the Founders of Israel Numismatic Research, without whose generosity publication of the journal would not have been possible: David Hendin, Gil and Lisa Chaya, Stephen N. Gerson, Aba Neeman, Jonathan Rosen, Harlan J. Berk, Jay Galst, Gabriel Brener, Herbert L. Kreindler, Paul-Francis Jacquier, Ziv Zur, Steve Rubinger, Michel Amandry, George Blumenthal, J. Chaim Kaufman, Frank Kovacs, Warren Schultz and a generous anonymous donor.
It is our intention that Israel Numismatic Research will offer an academic forum for both Israeli and foreign numismatists.
                     Dr. Robert Deutsch                                 Dr. Donald T. Ariel, Israel Antiquities Authority                
  President, Israel Numismatic Society                                              Editor   


Notice: The Israel Numismatic Journal (INJ) is in no way affiliated with the Israel Numismatic Society. Beginning with issue 18 (2015) the Israel Numismatic Journal is published privately and is not associated with any numismatic organization