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Haim Raz
Gideon Meir


Haifa Calendar of events:  

List of lectures for 2014-2015
The lectures take place in the Maritime museum at 18:30.
Tuesday 21.10.14 – Coinage and minting of Mattityah Antigonus by Mr. Yehoshua Zlotnik
Tuesday 18.11.14 – Weights and measures in the Ottoman empire by Mr. Lionel Holland
Tuesday 30.12.14 – Deification (consecration) of emperors and their families in the collection of Mr. Gideon meir
Tuesday 27.1.15 – Money in the Roman legal system by Dr. Meirav Haklai
Tuesday 24.2.15 – The coins of the Roman colony of Tyre by Mr. Josef Weiss
Tuesday 24.3.15 – Portraits of Nabatean Kings and queens, on their coins by Dr. Rachel Barkai
Tuesday 28.4.15 – A mint of coins of Roman procurators in east Talpiot, Jerusalem by Dr. Donald Ariel
Tuesday 19.5.15 – Identifying forged coins by Dr. Robert Deutsch
Tuesday 9.6.15 – Changes in place names, after the Moslim conquest, on coins, seals, stamped jar handles, and historic places by Dr Nizan Amitai-Preiss