Dr. Haim Gitler

Yaniv Schauer (secretary)


Calendar of Events:


Jerusalem Branch –2013/2014


Program of lectures:

Speaker(s) Lecture Date
Dr. Marcus Peter (Augusta Raurica Museum, Basel) [English] 'Roman Imitations and Forgeries: The Western Perspective' (in memory of Prof Alla Stein) 28/10/2013 Tel-Aviv University, Gilman building 1830-2030
Dr. Gabriela Bijovsky, IAA [Hebrew] 'Coinage in Byzantine period Palaestina: New Developments' 19/11/2013 (Israel Museum)
Bi-National Austria-Israel seminar with 14 lectures on numismatics
Jerusalem - Vienna Seminar:
"Currents in Numismatic Research"
Program to be posted on the INS website
Austrian Hospice,
Via Dolorosa 37
Old City Jerusalem
Lior Sandberg, Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem
'The Greek Imperial 
Coinage of Eleutheropolis (Beth Guvrin) in the Roman Period'
(Israel Museum)
Dr. Meirav Haklai-Rotenberg, Oxford/Hebrew University.
'Money and Law in the Roman Empire'
(Israel Museum)