Dr. Haim Gitler

Yaniv Schauer (secretary)


Calendar of Events:


Jerusalem Branch –2014/2015


Program of lectures:

06/01/2015: Dr. Rachel Barkai, 'New Developments in Nabataean Coinage’
25/02/2015: Dr. Robert Kool, ‘Lusignan Money and the Mainland Economy of Outremer in the 13th century: A Re-appraisal’
28/04/2015: Dr Nizan Amitai-Preiss,  ‘Preservation and Changes of place names, between the Byzantine and Early Muslim Period, on Coins and other forms of Material Culture’
19/05/2015: Dr. Donald T. Ariel, ‘A First Century CE Mint South of Jerusalem’
16/06/2015: Dr. Yoav Farhi, ‘Hoards from Caves: New finds from Underground Caves and Cisterns in Israel’