Membership options include: 

Overseas Membership, includes the annual copy of Israel Numismatic Research. Annual payment of $65 or € equivalent.

Overseas Student Membership, incl. the annual copy of Israel Numismatic Research. Annual payment of $45 or € equivalent

Founder of INR (One-time payment of $600 or € equivalent)

INS For Life Donor (One-time payment of $1200 or € equivalent)

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Applicants may wish to read the charter of the INS before submitting the application request.

Completed application requests should be sent to:

The Israel Numismatic Society
Ilan Shachar, P.O.Box 3073, Herzlia 4613001, Israel

Your donations in support of the society's activities are greatly appreciated. All payments and donations through PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. are tax deductible in the U.S.

(read here about PEF policy)

Donations through PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. (tax deductible in the U.S.) should be mailed to the Israel Numismatic Society which will handle the processing of your gift through the PEF.

Please note: all cheques paid through the PEF must not be earmarked for a specific purpose, but only as "recommended as a grant to the INS"

For Life Donors and INR Founder members (alphabetically):

Private collector, NYC, Michel Bendenoun, Doug Berg, Harlan K. Berk, Gabriel Brener, David Cahn (in memory of Herbert Cahn), Gil and Lisa Chaya, Jay Galst, Stephen N. Gerson, David Hendin, Paul-Francis Jacquier, Aba Neeman, Jonathan Rosen, Steve Rubinger.

For Life Donors:

Michel Amandry, Paul Bierman, Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert, Jean-Philip Fontanille, Isadore Goldstein, John Jencek, David Jeselsohn, Frank L. Kovacs, George Krupp, Cristoph von Mosch, Numismatica Ars Classica, Giovanni Paoletti, Fabrizio Rossini, Warren Schultz, Joseph Sermarini, Abraham Sofaer, David Sofer, Patrick Tan, Eugene and Elaine Zaveloff.

INR Founder Members:

Herbert L. Kreindler, Ziv Zur.